Stonia® benefits

More than just a "good" material
Modern manufacturing facilities

To produce Stonia®, only the advanced and innovative manufacturing facilities are used. Quality is always put ahead of speed

Uniform colors

Up to 60 Stonia® sheets in one consignment. Stonia® consignments are checked twice: during cargo dispatch in Korea, and then at our warehouses in Russia

Smart palette

Stonia® provides a stunning choice of colors. Along with the bestselling colors in Russia, we offer you some brand new, unique shades


Made of natural and safe components, Stonia® can be used in child-care facilities and medical institutions

Flexible and seamless

Thermoforming (heating a material to bend into a specific shape) makes Stonia® a highly versatile product. You can create objects of any shape that fit together seamlessly

Easy to repair

If your Stonia® item gets scratched, you can easily remove the scratch yourself. More complex repair works are performed by our specialists in the shortest times


With no pores, Stonia® is resistant to any types of mud, fungi or bacteria. To keep your Stonia® items clean, you only need water and a sponge.

Retains color

Unlike low-quality materials, Stonia® is resistant to UV rays and does not lose its color under direct sunlight. You can use Stonia® even outside with no problems at all!